Jobs, Farms and Business Protection, Foster Parent Rights and Only Citizen Voting

Dan Cox will fight in Annapolis to prevent "Sanctuary Cities" with non-citizen voting.  MC-25-16 (click here to read) is a state-wide bill introduced by Montgomery County that seeks to change the Maryland Constitution to allow illegal aliens to vote ("non-citizens" -  but no photo ID is checked).  This violates our citizenship rights.  Frederick News-Post Article on the Thurmont, MD Debate: "Cox said the U.S. border is too porous and contributes to issues of drug addiction.  Dan Cox criticized a law from Takoma Park, where Congressman Raskin lives [and which local law he helped become law], that allows non-citizens to vote in municipal elections."

Frederick News-Post Article: Blue Lives Matter Rally organizer, decorated Green Beret and Police officer files suit because of alleged retaliation.  - Dan Cox, Attorney

"According to the complaint, Tokarz told Sullivan the next day [after the Rally], “If you ever feel the need to exercise your First Amendment rights again, I hope you come to me your Lieutenant and ask my advice prior to doing so.”

Sullivan’s attorney, Daniel Cox, said the statement showed the department attempted to restrain Sullivan’s constitutional rights.

“It should really shock or surprise anyone who’s a United States citizen,” Cox said, adding later, “It matters for all of us. I think when you see the impact of government trying to, in any way, prevent free public speech and assembly, that should be concerning to all of us.”

Frederick News-Post Article:  Transgender Locker Rooms and hotel, and speech mandates challenged in lawsuit - Dan Cox, Attorney

"A Frederick County Public Schools student claims her privacy will be violated as a result of the district’s transgender policy that was approved this summer, according to a federal lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed in the District Court of Maryland against the Frederick County Board of Education and Superintendent Theresa Alban, was filed by a 15-year-old girl under the pseudonym Mary Smith, and her mother, identified as Jane Doe.

The girl, a high school student at a Frederick County school, alleges her fundamental right to bodily privacy is being intentionally violated because of the recently passed transgender policy. The mother’s “fundamental parental rights to the care, custody, control, upbringing and information regarding her child is also being intentionally violated,” according to the lawsuit.

The transgender policy allows students to use whichever bathroom aligns with their gender identity. It also allows athletes to participate in sports that align with their gender identity and room with students of the same gender on overnight school trips...

Dan Cox, a former Republican candidate for Congress and candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates in 2018, is the attorney in the case. "

Dan Cox fights for Foster Parents' Right To Be Protected Under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments Like Every Other Family - free from arbitrary and capricious government searches, seizures and retaliatory investigations.

In the federal case, Betsy Ross, et al v. Cecil County DSS, Dan Cox is working to protect Maryland Foster parents who give up precious family liberties to serve needy children, while becoming exposed to retaliation and warrant-less searches, as alleged in the ongoing litigation.

Jobs & Economic Growth

Cox Pledges to Revive Reaganomic Policies: "If we increase opportunity for economic mobility and freedom, that will provide the opportunity for individuals to get out of economic struggle,” Cox said...

"As the founder and sole practitioner of Cox Law Center — an Emmitsburg law firm specializing in accident and personal injury law, as well as constitutional law — he said he has seen how taxation policies hurt small businesses."  Read The Frederick News-Post article by Nancy Lavin...

National Security

Frederick News-Post Article: “The issue in front of us is that we were attacked in Orlando and gun control is not the answer to dealing with ISIS,” Cox said in a phone interview Thursday. “ISIS would love for us to be disarmed.”

“We need to preserve and protect our [due process and Bill of Rights] constitutional liberties,” he said.  Read The Frederick News-Post article by Danielle Gaines...


National Security, Transportation & National Debt

Bethesda Magazine: "We can stop the heroin and cocaine epidemics cold in their tracks through comprehensive border security and public-private partnerships funded to advance the most powerful weapon against poverty, drugs and crime—our faith-based organizations. Together we can envision a district that protects all our residents from international and domestic security threats with vigorous, prompt and diligent oversight and coordination, and increased security funding.  Together we can reduce and eliminate waste and fraud ..."  Read The Bethesda Beat article here...


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