• 2nd Amendment - protect our right to self defense with "shall issue", inter-state reciprocity and constitutional carry law

  • Require longer mandatory sentencing for all Opioid dealers, sex & child traffickers and violent criminals
  • Improve Health Care Coverage for all through insurance competition across state lines and small business tax credits
  • Bring Jobs to Frederick and Carroll Counties - reduce taxes and businesses-stifling regulations
  • Freeze and work to eliminate real property taxes - let Marylander's keep their homes!
  • Improve our roads and infrastructure - mandate widening and funding without tolls!
  • Improve schools and education through expanding private choice, increased tech training
  • Support our Sheriff, police, fire and rescue for a sound emergency management policy and to prevent sanctuary cities.
  • Help Veterans with healthcare services and end the 22-a-day
  • End the Annapolis Gerrymandering and silencing of representative government - Maryland is the worst for gerrymandering elected districts in the nation.  Dan will work with Governor Larry Hogan to support districts drawn to re-establish voter representation by region
Dan Cox for Delegage 2018.jpg